Welcome to my site

I'm a Data Scientist based in Manchester (UK) working primarily in process optimisation, and this website represents an on-going project to document interactive examples of the types of problem I work on. There are 3 main motivations behind this site:

  • To have a full-stack project exposed to the wider world so that I can continue to be challenged to improve on a variety of skills

  • To communicate my work in a more tangible way. Hopefully, interacting with the systems I create gives a better sense of what they actually do and how they are used

  • To have a portfolio that spans many of the technologies I have come to learn along the way, as a prompt to ensure I stay on top of the libraries and new developments

I originally qualified as a Chemical and Environmental Engineer before moving on to vehicle routing problems, where I was the most senior Data Scientist at Fetchr - a company listed by Forbes as one of the most promising startups in the Middle East. From there, I worked on commissioning the roll-out of a system that handled routing for the home delivery arm of Tesco across the UK. I have since moved back into manufacturing, working on ensuring that production targets are met in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Please feel free to have a look around and play with the examples. If you have questions or wish to discuss opportunities to work together, please do get in touch! A final note; although I did my best to make this website responsive for mobile viewing, some features really just won't play ball (I'm looking at you, plotly.js) and it's best viewed in landscape. Sorry!